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Creating Killer Website

This is the 6th book I read on Web’s know how of HTML writing. It has 308 pages exclude cover, has 13 chapters on fundamental topics web designers should know, and has a full reference website included at www.killersites.com where you can download palettes, images, and html code you need to make killer latest generation web sites.


Creating Killer Websites


About the book

Creating killer website is the first true design book for the web. This book became the best-selling book on the internet in 1996 and has been translated into ten languages. It has taught an entire generation of the site designers how to get control over their pages. It shows, in practical terms, the fundamentals of design applied to the web, since only few of web designers know the keys of different basic substances between graphic design and web design. This book give you the best understanding on how to prepare a maximum color format to your suit needs. The book also gives reference about Deadly Sins of the Web you should avoided on web designing and some actual link references.


The second edition you’ll find the techniques and principles you need to build sites for today version of browsers. Much of the book has been rewritten compare to previous version and given new tips, new tools, update HTML, and an emphasis on cross-browser compatibility.


It also has The 10 Commandements of CSS, CSS resources links, and there are three new chapters on strategies designers will need to know going forward, including a detailed style-sheet tutorial.


About the Author

David Siegel is the avant-garde web designer of the 21st century. He shares his ideas passionately. This book is seductive. The more you read, the more you will read on. It will win your heart and captive your mind. David Siegel is a founding member of Studio Verso (www.verso.com) and chairman of Vertebrae Technology, a database and e-commerce consulting company in San Francisco.


He is the author of Secret of Successful Web Sites and the publisher of the High Five site, the most coveted design award on the web. Siegel has taught thousands of designers worldwide through his writings, lectures, and award-winning sites. His personal site won 2nd place in the 1995 “Cool Site of the Year” competition. His Web Wonk site is widely regarded as one of the best resources of HTML tips on the Web.


Through his committee work, he is helping define the writing of HTML. He is also the designer a couple of favorite typefaces Tekton, Graphite, and Eaglefeather, and has made sites for Hewlett-Packard. Lucent, Klutz Press, Sony, Relevance, Giga, and others.




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