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The World Wide Web and Mosaic

This is my first read on internet technology in 1995. The time when Explorer wasn’t yet spanning the market, and Netscape was a major Browser compare to Explorer. Actually, there was some other Browsers in the market; like Gopher, Netscape and Mosaic are the name of few which was competed to the Explorer.


Off course, this book reviewing on Mosaic, the most widely used Web interface in the world at the time, because its a free, public domain software program partly developed under a US government grant. In six-month after it first published, more than two million people downloaded Mosaic from the host computer at the National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA) site. This book is kind of one-stop resources to surfing the online world. Enhanced Mosaic Browser is enclosed.


book on Mosaic

This book was actually the first gate for me prevailing the new world of unlimited universe of the world wide web, the book which is inspireful resources that ever-energize my cyberspirit since then. It has 1092 pages published by QUE in 1995, and were priced at US$ 49.99.


It has expert tips and shortcuts help you navigate the Web efficiently. You get specific instructions for using and configuring Enhanced Mosaic, plus overviews of other browsers. Learn how to use Mosaic FTP and Gopher, as well as create your own Web pages with HTML. Plus, you get extensive listings of useful Web sites by category.





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