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the Reading

the Reading

This is one of my work in the late of 2003; a photo collage work, a branding ad for a leading news breaker Magazine. The idea was how to communicate to the readers that the Magazine was a leading news breaker in the country.

I decided to put some thumbnail of the covers telling on banking scandal and corruption that it had published earlier than competitors. The breaking news was a mega scandals that headlined most all media for weeks.

To make it sight catching, remindable and sort of artistic — I came to the idea of using masterpiece work of the legend as the main theme, that was the way some fellow artists did to make it sticking in the viewers’ mind.

So I browsed my virtual library of my mind– and picked a Rembrant masterpiece that is matched for the theme, ‘the Reading’. Then put on the word of “the news breaker” in Bahasa in a way that is reminding and unique.

This branding ad then inserted in Pantau Magazine January 2004 printed edition.



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