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The Legend of The Undone

EddiE haRa stall his Paintngs in Jakarta Nadi Galery 5-18 December 2007. The works of high calibre Painter in his own path.

Younger generation of the contemporary Painters –especially Yogyakarta painters community, like Apotik Komik (Comical Apotheque) and Daging Tumbuh (Growing Flesh)— called him “Legend Uncle”, the Legend Brother. His punkish wardrobe style of eighties –wear earings, half bald headed and half longhaired—was memorable representation of rebelling boys of the time.

EddiE haRa

His fungky candy colored style paintings had been opening pathway of his cereer, unusual style of non-figurative flavoured with ‘sacred’ color of horseShit. While modernist style of local Yogya painters –at the particular period—were identified with sacred-decorative genre, but rebelling-narative and weird humorous that unsacred style were represented in EddiE haRA works.

boys will be boys el Ves and Co face Value
fragile mr Beautiful N and his Angst
the Dark Side of Me_EddiE haRa yellow Signs Struggle and Bled

Two decades is over, but “Legend Uncle” still remain working the same style of playfully weird. The different situation is now he regularly back and forth for exhibitions between Bassel, Swiss (his recent residence for the last ten years) and Yogya, Indonesia. His 28 th solo exhibition in Jakarta’s Nadi Gallery which titled Global Warming, Cool Art were concluding of his career journey in search of underground visual identity. In this exhibition, his curator Enin Supriyanto has narrated such expressions, telling about the realm of subculture amidst the world mainstream of the time.

EddiE represent all his works of 2002-2007 period and painting some murals on the gallery wall depicting slanted yellyfish style of Joseph Beuys personification. (on the corner of his painting Corat-Coret di Tembok Tetangga stands for Graffiti on the Neighbour Wall, 2007, he put a sentence of “Who the Hell is Mr Beuys”). Then, if this merely is a Legend, isn’t this a part of skillful rather than distorting strokes of his era painters of 1980s?

Corat Coret di Tembok Tetangga (Grafity on the Neighbor Wall)

Numerous of his mini works taken from his famous series of Postcards from the Alps Series, were displayed in this exhibition. Some 16.3 x 22.8 cm of his original works made on used Postcards, include stamps, Swiss Post Office’s logo, ceiling wax, and a word of “herrn” EddiE were still sticking on them.

Those drawing of Postcards looks so original and has deeper spontaneous expressions compare to his canvases paintings. In these postcards series we could seen more massive visual expressions that are fresh, comical, fantastically bursted out, mixed with other incidental elements of playfulness. Even the works seen so undone, but it has less pretension to be a formal visual art. Mixture of various style of the underground art is so intensed in these works.

Postcard01 Postcard02 Postcard03
Postcard04 Postcard05 Postcard06
Postcard07 Postcard08 Postcard09
Postcard10 Postcard11 Postcard12
Postcard13 Postcard14 Postcard15
Postcard-Alp-Series PostCard-00001194 postcard-000001195

“Subculture expressions in the form of music scene, street logo, and comics are verymuch inspiring for me. Also HardRock and Heavy Metal musics with highspeed sounds like Surf “n” Roll, Punk, Emo, Grunge, and Hardcore. It’s not merely on the music, but also for the styles and freaks. Also cover designs, T-Shirts, and posters which is attractive, artistical, and anarchistic..” said EddiE who is love wearing twothirds shorts.

Funny drawings that remind us to Batman, Mickey, and Minnie Mouses on his works were completed with junkies words connotated to rebellions, intercourses, and pornographs are everywhere over his works. Just pay attention some texts over his pieces i.e. destroy and join the resistance, season for love/work, the killing field of a happy nation, fuck Warhol, or kick ass, are in between over his visual pieces. While junkies words are fading out, there would be replaced with brightful colors playfully. Images on these envelopes are so tempting to viewers to transfer those visual temptations to subculture expression items like T-Shirts, Tattoos, Stickers, and Stencils.

Exploding expression of humor, shout outs, funnies without pretensions are hardly found out over his canvas paintings of formal and tend to modern art sophistication. His ‘brut’ works has always attract us to ‘seethrough’ between done and undone, meaningful and meaningless. His robotical objects had came over the years, expressing his skillful on doing it, and imposing to be pattern. Since his style invention 20 years ago, EddiE had not offered any other style. He seems already been a legend with his style.

EddiE haRA’s applied on

Merchandises on EddiE haRA works is available at: www.nhb.gov.sg

You could also find his full biodata reference here



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