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Wahyu Aditya

an Indonesian Animation Enthusiast

This young talented—Malang born (East Java) –has been traveled over the globe joining international contests just because of his wild creatives beneficiary already begun since elementary school ages. The years whence he’s been scratching cartoon anytime anywhere he’s been, frequently absent from the lessons while under ecstased of his cartoon which happen have some regular readers among his friends.




His creatives naughty went on and took him plunged into animation industry sophistication. He won international awards, one of the latest is International Young Screen of the Year 2007 Award of British Council, London Headquarter.




Aditya eliminated finalist competitors from nine other countries: India, China, Brazil, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia, Nigeria, and Lebanon. The prize is not merely awarded for his skill on animation, but also for his concept on animation industry.


Wahyu who graduated from KvB Institute of Tech, Sydney Australia, said : “My concept is One Stop Cinema, which provide Animation School, Industrial Workshop, and Commercial Production to market them. For those whose novices may could take classes in my Animation School. For those who has skilled were encourages to join exhibitions and going to market it in under oneroof.”


He who happen won the Best Student of KvB Institute is not telling exaggerate, but already make it done. He found Hellomotion (www.hellomotion.com) an Animation School located in Tebet, South Jakarta.


Hellomotion has already been an Indonesian Animation and Movie movement, other than Animation education center. In the Animation Education and Exhibition industry, he organize HelloFest, an Indonesian Animation Movie Festival which has entered the fourth year.


HelloFest is also a workgroup of Indonesian Animators, has invented some 600 animation movies, you may visited at http://www.youtube.com/hellofest.


Fun Drawing Hobby

His sketching hobby grew since he was a boy, the old time which he never missed out was a TV programme namely “Drawing with Tino Sidin” on the State TV station. “I used to sticking on TV before the programme begin to see whether the host announced my drawing paper or not,” he recalled. “I’ve sent three of my sketches but none of them were announced. Though, Tino Sidin is my Hero.” He said.


After all, those stories can’t stop him wearing Tshirts of Tino Sidin’s Face Silhoutte print on it. He’s telling the truth that Tino Sidin is a Hero of his childhood, and still inspiring him upto today. Little Aditya had always been thought to amuse friends. “They used to convey blank white papers and ask me to made it up with cartoon and comics of my creation.” He added.


“Sometimes I used to ignore teachers while they teaching in the class, the time I would had drifted on sketching.” he recalled. He compossed story copied on friends’ characters, that’s the way he started his talents on story-telling.


At the time, his talent brought him acquainted to schoolboys gang easily, and he became popular because of that. Most of his fun cartoon telling stories. In the schooldays, his cartoon went around tables of the classroom, and he took a lot benefit of it on character making skill improvement.


He explored graphic art and school-tabloid while in Junior School. Pursued to highschool, introduced him to his favorites software of Photoshop. Hobby advancement on graphic design went on when he explore newsletters, logo, and tshirt for his school.


A few years later he’s got bored with those static graphics. “No sound, and no motion make me boring, and I’m started to think about animation.”


It started while he was in 3rd year of high school, that he use his schoolbook’s pageroll to exercised animation. After finished highschool, parents were agree when he decided to pursued college to KvB Institute of Tech Sydney, extending composures on multimedia, animation, graphics, and TV productions.


“I got an offer from Trans TV just when I decided to finish my bachelor degree, then I grabbed it to develop my skills and experiences on animation.” Adit said.


Later on he resigned from Trans TV to found Hellomotion, an integrated animation movie school gave subjects on graphic design, cinema production, and animation, from which he expecting to deliver reliable animators to his country, “so they don’t necessary to school abroad like me.” He added.


He collaborated with Dapupu Project on The Micro Squad, a long duration animation movie project, which story based on micro insects characterized. “I was inspired of my daddy who is a microbiologist,” said Aditya, the son of pair of mother is Tri Astuti and father is Prof. Dr. Sanarto Santoso who is a honoured lecture in Medical Doctor Faculty of Brawijaya University, East Java. The Micro Squad actually wasn’t finished yet, but already won awards.


Indonesian Design Ministry

The joy of logo designing brought him to be wildly creative and naughty, reasoning him to found Kementerian Design Republik Indonesia, acronymed KDRI (Indonesian Design Ministry) visible at http://www.kdri.web.id. Actually, this was originated from his humour and satirical sense on government feudalism’ freak that annoyed to public. On this website he kicks government symbols and redesigned them into satirized.


>> Note from the IYSY2007 Committees





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